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Most people don’t know that I’m also interested in and love helping others to start up and grow their business. As a mentor turned business coach, the top questions people have for me are: How do I get certifications as a small business or minority business owner? How do I know which certifications I’m eligible for? How do I start doing business with local, state, or government agencies? and, What will I need to have in place before being awarded my first contract?

This is what inspired me to develop the Business Pearls of Wisdom™ to share with you “things I know now that I wish I would have known then” before starting a business.

The on-boarding process with government agencies can be very complicated. If you don’t have a system in place to navigate the process, you can fail before you even begin your first project. Not only do I teach you how to get your business ready for government contracting, I teach you the same process I used for successful on-boarding and completion of every contract.




How much of the $1.2 Trillion Dollar Infrastructure Plan will be set aside for small businesses.


How small businesses can benefit from the $1.2 Trillion Dollar Infrastructure Plan.


Five requirements before your business can be considered for government contracting.


Three steps you must take to get your business registered for government contracting.